Our hospital staff are human too!!

It’s a subject that isn’t often talked about. As much as fire/police/EMS want to be recognized for what we go through in the line of duty, nurses and hospital staff are still falling to the wayside. I’ve had many conversations on this topic lately, and it occurred to me that no matter which of myContinue reading “Our hospital staff are human too!!”

Are you ok with just getting by?

Me with one of my personal hero’s in the fire service, Paul Enhelder The problem with mental health issues both in the ranks of first responders, and in the civilian world, is not in the illness itself; it’s in how it’s treated. Treatment is often the same in a professional setting as it is forContinue reading “Are you ok with just getting by?”

Oh you’re a (insert first responder title here)?!…..

Before you saw the picture, I’m sure you knew what the next question was going to be. I’ve heard it countless times, and I’m sure you have too. These words asked hundreds of times a day all over the world, are, in my opinion, second only to “Thank you for your service”. Oh wow! YourContinue reading “Oh you’re a (insert first responder title here)?!…..”

Adam tells us why brotherhood is so important in his life

I’ve haven’t known Adam that long (My fault really). Like most of my close brothers, we crossed paths because of the bagpipes. Adam has a way about him, a kind of immediate family effect. Talk to him and you find out quick, you need to be his friend. Like many of us however, Adam wasContinue reading “Adam tells us why brotherhood is so important in his life”