Keith tells us the battle that led to his healing

It has been a long time coming for Keith. I’m sure we all know this struggle! The journey is different for everyone, and he is no exception. Thank you for sharing brother! Don’t Focus on the distance. Focus on making the first step. I have been in the fire service for just over twenty-four years.Continue reading “Keith tells us the battle that led to his healing”

Does stress have to be post traumatic?

Lately in the media, and on everyone’s mind has been the topic of post traumatic stress disorder. All my feelings about the word disorder aside(check out my last article), I submit a question: Does trauma or stress have to present itself months or years down the road for it to be taken seriously? The answerContinue reading “Does stress have to be post traumatic?”

Mental Health Viewpoint: The Fine Line Between WHAT and WHO.

In the last few years we have witnessed a major turn in the way we view our minds. First responders of the past were though of as hard men that had a calling. This calling brought out the best of men and women that saw the worst the world could offer. Now we know thatContinue reading “Mental Health Viewpoint: The Fine Line Between WHAT and WHO.”

Our hospital staff are human too!!

It’s a subject that isn’t often talked about. As much as fire/police/EMS want to be recognized for what we go through in the line of duty, nurses and hospital staff are still falling to the wayside. I’ve had many conversations on this topic lately, and it occurred to me that no matter which of myContinue reading “Our hospital staff are human too!!”