Brett faces his bad times head on!

Brett is another man that I’m proud to call a brother. He had overcome so much in life and on the job. Below is a message I received from him tonight about a proud moment in his day. Remember that you are never alone, and as always, if you need anything, or just want to talk… let’s take a walk.

Today…today was rough. I found myself overwhelmed repeatedly. I found myself shutting down. Felt the anxiety taking over, and the depression setting in due to not being able to cope. It brought me back to bad times of the past when I couldn’t cope. I couldn’t find my way. But that path, has long since been travelled.

Today, I made progress. Today, I took a step forward. Not to the side, not backwards. Forward. Today, I fulfilled my commitments. I didn’t give up. I didn’t back down. In fact, I stepped out of my comfort zone. I went back down to a place I’d avoided for so long because of the memories tied to it. It hurt. It peeled back scabs I thought were scars. But, in the end…it was cathartic. I went so far as to sign up for an event I have been avoiding.

This post is not for any of you to like, or love or comment on, or share. I’m not looking for your sympathy or your vote of confidence. Instead, take a step back and realize, that there are people out there, that may look like on the surface they are ok, but inside they are coping with the biggest fecal hurricane imaginable. Cut them some slack. Understand. Show compassion. Just be kind.

And if you’re that person that’s having a hard time, it is really ok to admit it. If people cast judgement, we can stand together. I can testify to the fact there are strength in numbers.

I try not to offend people by colorful language, as there are those that don’t appreciate it.


#suckitptsd…you lost today.

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I am a Fireman, Paramedic, Bagpiper, Husband, and Father. I made this site in order to bring awareness to mental health disorders and addiction issues with first responders.

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